Is boxing a good hobby? For some, it is the only thing they do. If you’re one of those people, you might think it’s easy to get into and eventually wind up having your own gym membership, boxing equipment and all. On the contrary, it’s not that easy. A good, balanced exercise program for your entire family is vital in maintaining good health. Unless you’re committed to maintaining a positive attitude while you work out, there is no way you’ll get it done.

First off, boxing is not just about beating someone up. It is also about being in good physical condition and using the techniques of striking to work on various parts of your body. So if you’re asking, is boxing a good physical activity, think again. Although it can be a decent workout for the fighters, it is not as exhaustive as a regular aerobic exercise routine.


For most people who start boxing as a hobby, it ends up being a full-time commitment. That means a lot of time spent in the ring, on the padded ring, absorbing the blows and the pain without getting any better. The intensity of this can lead to a number of injuries, such as knee and shin pain. It also means you’re going to need to get plenty of rest, a diet that is primarily high in protein and carbohydrates and getting plenty of rest to help repair your muscles.

Another concern that many people have when they first start boxing is whether or not it’s a good mental exercise. This concern is valid. Not every kind of exercise can make you mentally tougher, but there are certainly lots of sports that can. But if your main goal is to stay healthy and strong and not just hit the punching bag, then it might not be a good hobby for you.


If you have other interests that are distracting and not directly related to your training, however, you may find that you can focus more on your training. Maybe you’re into martial arts or yoga or skiing. Whatever your other interests are, you’ll probably find that they help you to stay focused. And if you’re trying to stay healthy, you’ll appreciate the fact that you’re getting some good exercise while you’re at it. You’ll also be able to rest assured that you’re going to be getting plenty of rest between rounds.

Boxing is one of those sports that can really help you to stay in shape. Whether you want to hit the punching bag for hours on end or you’ve never thrown a punch before, it can provide you with a good physical workout. And, if you’re into boxing and truly interested in staying physically fit, it’s probably a good hobby for you. As long as you keep in mind what it isn’t and what it is, you’ll be off to a good start.

Is Boxing A Good Hobby?