How Can Sporting Opportunities Be Improved?

How Can Sporting Opportunities Be Improved?

The answer to the question “How Can Sporting Opportunities Be Improved?” would be a resounding “Yes!” I’m sure you’ve all heard the old saying, “If it was easy you wouldn’t need to ask the question.” Well, in sports there’s no room for doubt or uncertainty.

Understanding Sporting Opportunities

Sporting opportunities are not going to improve by themselves. You need to put in the effort and make your skills to work towards their intended goal.

One of the most important factors to improving a sporting opportunity is the desire to succeed. If a person isn’t motivated they have no reason to strive for excellence. This may sound obvious, but many people lack this belief. The best way to improve sporting opportunities …

Property Solicitors Glasgow – Supporting The Club

Property Solicitors Glasgow – Supporting The Club

Property solicitors Glasgow have been a significanct source of support for keeping boxing alive within fitzroy lodge. This is partly because our building over recent years has become damaged and we have had to settle a dispute with our property insurers.

In this article we will explain our experience with having our property repaired as well using the services of property solicitors Glasgow.

Property Solicitors Glasgow

Storm Damage

Storm damage was not something we expected we would ever have to be dealing with in the near future. However on that fateful night in November a storm led to several leaks developing the roof which went undiscovered until parts of the ceiling began to collapse and the lodge was immediately closed.

This was the …

All You Need To Know About Sport And The Media.

All You Need To Know About Sport And The Media.

Sport and the media have both always had a wavering relationship over many years for a variety of reasons. This is partly because of high profile stories breaking out about different sporting stars private lives. In this article we will look at what connects both sport and the media and how their relationship has changed over the years.

The Sporting World

The sporting world is a closely scrutinised and highly competitive area in which there are tens of millions of athletes and professionals participating from around the world. Sports have made up an important part of our societies for centuries and is something that connects many communities.

Across the sporting world increasingly more and more sports are being widely covered …

Why Boxing May Be The Sport For You

Why Boxing May Be The Sport For You

Boxing is a sport that has been around for over 2000 years and has its roots steeped in history. As well as being a well known and renowned sport boxing has helped to shape society today and has gone through many changes thought to have improved the sport overall on the whole. However there many mixed views on the sport overall and whether it is a good thing or not.

How Did Boxing Originate

The first formal recognition of boxing as a sport was around 600 bc. This is when it was first established as an Olympic sport. Over the years it continued to be practised in various different forms across the world with different countries and cultures applying their …

Sport And Its Importance In Society.

Sport plays a significant role in society and for many across the UK it can be a lifeline for many younger people who do not have many other activities to turn to when they are outside school. Through this article we will discuss overall the importance of sport and why it has so much prevalence in our society today.

What Is Sport And How Has It Changed Over Time?

Sport is forms of competition between different people doing a physical activity. One of the most popular and common forms of sport around the world is football. Sport has changed a lot over time with people from around the world participating in order for sports to grow as a whole.

The …