Property solicitors Glasgow

Property solicitors Glasgow have been a significanct source of support for keeping boxing alive within fitzroy lodge. This is partly because our building over recent years has become damaged and we have had to settle a dispute with our property insurers.

In this article we will explain our experience with having our property repaired as well using the services of property solicitors Glasgow.

Property Solicitors Glasgow

Storm Damage

Storm damage was not something we expected we would ever have to be dealing with in the near future. However on that fateful night in November a storm led to several leaks developing the roof which went undiscovered until parts of the ceiling began to collapse and the lodge was immediately closed.

This was the point where our problems really first began both with the lodge as well as our insurers. The main issue we were facing intially was how to go about claiming for the storm damage.

The insurers from the outset were unhelpful and did little to give us any sort of hope or enthusiasm facing the significant task we had of gradually getting fitzroy lodge back into full working order.

Property solicitors Glasgow

Taking Legal Action With Property Solicitors Glasgow

After months of fruitless communication between ourselves and the insurance company , we had no option but to take legal action against our insurers.

The repairs which had to be undertaken on the lodge had set us back thousands of pounds which had to be fundraised by the local community. One of the first recommendations we got for a legal team was property solcitiors Glasgow.

Many people we have come into contact with suggested that they were an excellent choice and so we decided to stick with and choose this team. We were really impressed by the fast and consistent communication we had with these solicitors. Their dedication and customer service to us was second to none.

What Were The Benefits To Choosing These Solicitors?

We enjoyed numerous benefits as a result of choosing property solicitors Glasgow such as:

  • Fast and easy to use service
  • Had our issue resolved for an affordable price
  • Excellent dedicated service
  • Hassle free communication and the legal process was broken down and explained
  • Fair and concise process
Property solicitors Glasgow

Advice We Would Give Others

Given the experience we had with our insurers, we would like to inform other sports clubs of some advice and tips we would like to pass on. One of the main pieces of advice that we would like to give is to document as much as you can in the event of storm damage.

This is because if time has passed and the storm damage isn’t clearly visible , then it can be more difficult to make a claim. Therefore it is important that you send as much information as possible to the insurers shortly after the incident has happened to increase the likelihood of a successful claim.

Overall to conclude we would highly recommend using the services of Property solicitors Glasgow in order to get any legal issues regarding your property resolved.

Property Solicitors Glasgow – Supporting The Club
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