Performance and motivation are two key factors within the sporting world that are very important and can often prove to be invaluable to athletes who are competing at high overall performance levels.

There are many different aspects of performance and motivation that can be looked at and analysed in order to come to conclusions about how they play an important role in sport.


Sport relies on high performance levels in order for athletes to be successful in their chosen sport and to be able to showcase it to the wider world. There are a lot of different factors overall that go into high performance levels for sportspeople across the world.

One of the hallmarks of athletes who are at the the peak of their careers is their high overall performance levels. Over time , athletes learn the ability to regulate their energy levels.

This means that they can improve their overall endurance and last a lot longer competing at high overall performance levels. Unfortunately , in some areas of sport across the world , some athletes have turned to drugs.

Performance enhancing drugs are illegal in sports and athletes who have been found guilty can expect to face severe penalties for the offence that they have committed.

Motivation In Sport

As well as performance playing an Integral role in sport , motivation also plays a very important part overall. One of the main reasons why motivation is so important is it can directly lead to improved performance.

Without motivation , many sportspeople would simply lack the energy or guidance needed to push them forward in their pursuit of success. Therefore it is important that they remain motivated within their chosen sport.

There are lots of different ways in which athletes can remain motivated overall. One of the most popular ways in which athletes can increase their overall motivation levels is by watching motivational videos online.

The internet is a brilliant source for motivation as motivational videos as well as quotes can be used to help encourage athletes to improve their overall fitness and performance.

Keys To Sporting Sucess

Of course , as well as high performance and motivation levels , sportspeople need other forms of support in order to perform well and be successful within their chosen field.

One of the most important keys to sporting success is the support of friends and family. Friends and family that are there supporting athletes can prove to a be huge confidence booster overall and can improve morale.

Its important that they are able to show their support at different events.

Sports In The Future

Sports in the future are likely to see more strict regulations in terms of restrictions on performance enhancing drugs as well as other issues such as cheating or max fixing.

The sources of motivation and performance seen in the present day are likely to continue well into the future and beyond. Thoroughout this time it is likely new sources of motivation and innovation will emerge and be passed down through future generations for sportspeople to learn.

Performance And Motivation In Sport