Boxing is a sport that began many years ago in the city of Manchester England. The history of boxing is somewhat unclear but some say that boxing first started in Northern Ireland, probably as a way for some Irish people to get their revenge on someone they did not like for some reason. Over time boxing really became popular in other parts of the world and soon it was making its way into America. Now boxing has become a sport that can be seen in just about any part of the world but in fact the sport originated in England and then spread around the world.

The sport of boxing is great for anyone that has ever enjoyed a day at the gym. The ring is where the fights take place and this is where the people who watch these fights know how to react. In a boxing match the fighters have to box one another to the point where the fight is stopped once both fighters are knocked down. This is when the referee then makes the determination of who is going to be able to fight again and who is going to be given the time out. If both fighters seem to be giving the referee trouble then the fight may continue until one fighter seems to win.

The rules of boxing are very simple. One fighter takes punches to the body and then throws the opponent to the ground. The judges give points for either points being landed to the head or the body or a combination of the two. In the end the person with the most points wins.

Why Is Boxing So Popular?
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