Recently the lodge had to undergo a roof repair due to storm damage which had a severe overall impact on the lodges roof as well as the boxing gym itself. We used the services of roofers Stirling and found them to be extremely competent in their work. We were originally recommended them by a company known as the Glasgow roofing service.

Finding The Issue

One of the biggest challenges we faced in the wake of the recent storm was finding the issue that was causing water to leak as well as condensation within the lodge. One of the main suspected causes of the leak and condensation was initially a leaking water pipe. It took staff members several hours to establish where exactly the leak was coming from.

Once we had established the leak was coming from the roof , the next step for us was to find a specialist who could repair the roof and get us back into working order. Our first point of contact online was Glasgow roofing service. Unfortunately , they were tied up with jobs so then referred us on to roofers Stirling.

Roofers Stirling from day one were a pleasure to deal with. They kept in touch with us throughout the process whilst the process informing us of their overall progress and estimated completion date.

The Repair Process

The repair process was very effective and only took a few days to complete. What made the overall process far easier was that whilst the repairs were being undertaken we were still able to make some use of the boxing gym.

This helped the club greatly and allowed it to continue operating with minimal overall disruption. In addition to this the repair itself wan’t too costly and the issue was broken down so we could gain a better understanding of what had occurred and how it can be prevented in future.

Preventing Future Issues At Fitzroy Lodge

In order to prevent future issues from occurring at fitzroy lodge there are a number of actions that can be taken and changes that can be made to ensure that the lodge stays in good overall condition.

One key measure which can be taken to prevent further issues at Fitzroy lodge is the building undergoing a property survey. A property survey is when a specialist reviews the property and identifies any areas where their could be further issues or problems.

Doing this can be of great benefit as it saves on further costs in the future. In addition to this it allows for a clean bill of health for the building providing that no major issues are identified from the survey overall.

In addition to having a property survey undertaken , another important change that can be made is changes to a the building that can serve as upgrades overall. For example fitting new windows all around the building can be an excellent way in which to improve overall energy sustainability and heat retention.

Overall clearly upgrades as well as early intervention and repairs can save a lot of bills in the long run. We were glad to be able to have used the services of roofers Stirling.

Our Roof Repair With Roofers Stirling