Upholstery Glasgow is still a trade that is much desired, yet many people (especially the younger “Ikea” generations) may be at a loss as to why it is necessary. Modern, capitalist life moves quickly and everything seems disposable. When your phone starts playing up you call up your provider and get a brand new one. When your cheap clothes get a hole in them after one wash you simply bin them and buy something else even cheaper. Nothing is made to last and we are encouraged to simply dispose of belongings at the smallest sign of wear and tear. The same goes for furniture. It is no secret that students, young people, and many people who simply can’t afford the expensive stuff will buy cheap sofas, tables and other furniture and merely replace it when it’s at the end of its tether. This article will outline why you should invest in upholstery.

Mid century chair after having upholstery Glasgow

Keep Up with Changing Style

Today people tend to choose furniture based on the aesthetic presentation as opposed to researching the quality of materials and the structural purposes. If you don’t know what you are buying then it is impossible to know if you are paying a fair price for it. Style changes over time for both the trends and your personal taste. If you have your own home for fifty years and have to change your sofa every time you change your mind about the colour of your sitting room, plus you need to replace sofas when they are old and worn out you will end up spending a fortune unnecessarily. If you have a solid sitting piece that is durable then you are much better to invest in upholstery in Glasgow.

Upholstery Glasgow to Restore or Redesign

Mass production has led to manufacturers being forced to cut corners when building furniture. This has resulted in an Ikea Generation of fast furniture that is cheap and poor quality. If you are lucky enough to own a piece that could last you decades to come. You can tell an older piece as it is usually made with coil springs and hardwood frames that are doweled or glued. Modern, cheaper versions have zigzag coils and staples. The heavier weighted furniture tends to be of better quality as well. It is likely that an older piece will look worn and even dirty but instead of throwing it away, take it to a professional business specialising in upholster Glasgow instead. If your sofa has sentimental value, the benefits of reupholstering it will be twofold.

Cream sofa in empty room before upholstery Glasgow

Upholstering is Environmentally Friendly

Naturally the cycle of buy cheap and throw away is not good for the environment. The crisis of overflowing landfills and plastic in the oceans is growing worse every day. Any disposable items we purchase is simply adding fuel to the fire. Investing in durable furniture that will last decades is the best option for reducing your own personal waste. In order to maintain your long lasting furniture you should invest in upholstery Glasgow every time you want a change in style or if the cover becomes worn.

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