There are many practical uses for the workshop in your garage. If you don’t have one already, there are still many ways that you could benefit from one. Here are practical uses for your workbench, for all your DIY needs.

Supporting Large Tools

Workbenches are generally designed to be able to withstand heavy loads, this is due to the nature of the work expected. They can be great support for large items of machinery such as;

  • Sanders
  • Saws
  • Tile cutting machines
  • Other fixed power tools

When it comes to using large tools on a worktop, be sure to always practice safety first;

  • Check the benches weight limit (maximum load information will be in the manual)
  • Make sure your bench boards are spaced the right distance apart
  • Ensure that you clamp the machinery down before use

Sanding or Planing Wood

A workbench is good for is an excellent platform to hold woodwork whilst you are sanding or planing. This can be messy, but if your worktop is portable then you can take it outside (if the British weather allows for it that is).


Everyone has a bit of furniture that is about outdated and worn out. A worktop gives you a place where you can paint and varnish without needing to worry about the mess can transform the way you think about old furniture. A lot of people are growing more interested in upcycling their tattered chairs.


If you’re an avid gardener, then a workbench can double as a potting station. Worktables are designed so that they are comfortable to work at, making them the perfect height for planting seeds or re-potting shrubs.


Whatever your purpose may be for sawing, a workbench gives you a safe area to do it as they help stop wood from moving as you use it.

Ensure that the position of the blade is faced away from you and away from the workbench. This will help ensure you don’t injure yourself or damage the workbench.

Repairing Appliances

Your dining room table or kitchen worktop probably isn’t the best place to change the blades on your lawnmower or clean out the filter in your vacuum cleaner. A workbench, however, is an excellent place to do this.

Tip: Have a tin or can on hand to keep small parts, such as screws, safe.


A workbench with a vice can be incredibly useful when it comes to drilling. It will ensure that it is held securely in place, this is especially good if you are trying to drill a hole through multiple layers and need the drill to go through in exactly the right place.

These are only a small number of uses for your worktop. Others include;

  • Securing pipes
  • Providing height
  • Fixing bikes
  • Creating workspace
  • Gluing
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