Mason jar filled with ice water on a table

There is so much choice out there for when we are thirsty. Hot drinks, cold drinks, fizzy juice and more. It can be overwhelming when we step foot in the shop and have all these options in front of us. But the best option for hydrating ourselves might also be the most boring one: Water. There are many benefits of water, so what makes the stuff that comes out of our tap so good:

1.      Benefits of Water: Balances the Bodily Fluids

Bodily fluids are vitally important to the way our system works. They help digestion, circulation, absorption, creating saliva, transporting nutrients and maintaining our body’s temperature. When you are low on fluids your brain will trigger a thirst mechanism. The best way to cure this is to drink a glass of water.

Close up of bottled water poured into a glass

2.      Controls Your Calories

One of the best ways to help with your diet is to drink lots of water. It can help you feel fuller so that you don’t keep going back to the biscuit tin. It can also be a good substitute for them higher calorie drinks like Cola or Lattes. Water rich foods will also help you control your calories.


3.      Energising Muscles

If certain cells don’t keep their fluids and electrolytes balanced, then your muscles can start to be fatigued. If you are not hydrated, then your muscles will suffer because of it. It is recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine that you drink around half a litre of liquid before engaging in a physical activity.


4.      Hydrates the Skin

If you don’t hydrate properly then your skin will start to become wrinkled and looking tired. Skin is an organ and relies on water to help it work properly. If you start to drink a healthy amount of water, then skin will start to look refreshed and revitalised. However, don’t expect miracles from water – it won’t erase those wrinkles.

Hand holding cup collecting fresh water from a stream

5.      Helps Your Kidneys

One of the main toxins in your body is blood urea nitrogen. Water is able to help move this out of your kidneys so that you can deposit them when doing the toilet. The kidneys are important to the body as they help get rid of all these toxins. Keeping water running through this organ is vitally important.


6.      Maintains Your Bowel Function

Good hydration helps keeping your bowels functioning. While this is a necessary benefit of water it is also one of the most important ones. It stops you from getting constipated or from getting urinal tract infections (UTI).

Benefits of Water: Why You Should Be Drinking More