If you made it as far as the interview stage, you should congratulate yourself for making the shortlist out of hundreds of applicants who may have submitted applications. However, the interview does not go well. You don’t get the job. Why?

This article seeks to explain why you might not have got that job, even if you thought it went really well during that conversation. If you are still unsure after reading our comments, then why not ask for some feedback from the employer. At the very least this will keep your name on the radar for future jobs and show you are engaged in personal development.

Read on and find out if you’ve been guilty of one or more of these foibles in the past…

You Were Late

A pretty easy one to get right really. If you do happen to be late then you just need to apologise for the mistake and make sure you own it. Being late shows a lack of preparation and organisation and will hinder your chances.

Being early can affect your chances just as much as you may become a hindrance upon your interviewer. Be careful to be there no more than 10 minutes early, and stick to yourself until called in so as not to affect anyone’s working day.

Job Interview

You Were Rude

Of course, you were kind and courteous in the actual interview… However you were rude and dismissive to the person at the front desk. This will feed back to your interviewer as soon as you have left the building and is the last thing you want. Employers want to form great bonds between staff to improve morale and productivity and ebing rude means you are not invited into that circle anytime soon.

You Didn’t Do As You Were Told

If you were asked to bring I.D., your CV or even a copy of your previous work, bring it. Not completing simple and basic tasks properly before you’ve even been given a chance at the job does not bode well in there. Be prepared and bring extra copies of everything in case they want to keep a hold of anything.

You Were Forgettable

One of the main things you want to be during your interview is interesting. Talk about your skills passionately and use anecdotes where relevant and appropriate. Be interested in the interviewer and tell them things that make you stand out. Otherwise you will fade into the background of the other candidates.


Remember these points the next time you’re heading out for an interview, and you may just find you come out one job richer.


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