Boy smiling with straight teeth after his treatment at orthodontist in Glasgow

Choosing an orthodontist in Glasgow is a process that requires a fair bit of research and attention to certain details. When choosing a clinician who will be responsible for the reshaping or any part of your anatomy it is vital that you fully trust in their abilities but also that you feel comfortable and relaxed with them. In particular with orthodontic treatment, the patient typically has many appointments some of which can last a considerable amount of time therefore getting on with your orthodontist is key. There are many orthodontic clinics in Glasgow to choose from which makes decision making that bit harder. To ease your choice, this article details what you should look for in an elite orthodontist.

The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic is arguably the best private dental practice in Glasgow, serving not only elite and innovative solutions for dental and orthodontic issues but it is also a high-end cosmetic surgery as well. The team at this city centre practice are equally equipped with expert knowledge and plenty of experience in dental procedures, orthodontics, skin rejuvenation treatments, aesthetic enhancement treatments such as lip fillers and other cosmetic treatments including thread vein removal.

Model teeth with display braces on at Orthodontist in Glasgow

Innovative Technology

If you are looking to have the very best treatment with the quickest results then you are best attending an orthodontist in Glasgow who offers the latest technologies for teeth straightening. The Berkeley Clinic is paving the way for Glasgow practice when it comes to swift, effective treatments, for example the Inman Aligner. This teeth straightening apparatus is far superior to traditional “train-track” braces as it is removable. It clips on to the back teeth with a transparent acrylic shield that covers the frontal outer edge of teeth. This means that the brace is almost invisible and only noticeable when in close proximity to the patient. Plus the removal aspect means that eating will not be affected by the treatment and in the odd occasion where a brace is the least desirable such as a wedding or large presentation at work, the patient has the option to remove it.

Woman smiling with perfect white, straight teeth after she has finished her treatment at Orthodontist in Glasgow

Orthodontist in Glasgow who can Treat Anxious Patients

One of the main aspects of The Berkeley Clinic that sets it apart from all of the many others in Glasgow is that they have a department dedicated to the treatment of patients with dental anxiety. Most people don’t enjoy the dentist and many people have strong adverse feelings towards it however there are plenty who have genuine fear when it comes to even setting foot within a dental or orthodontic clinic. It is very important for these patients that their orthodontist in Glasgow is not only aware of their condition but are willing and keen to help them relax and face their fear so that they may receive the treatment they need. The Berkeley Clinic offer conscious sedation and even dental hypnosis for the more extreme cases. However for those who don’t require that much intervention, all staff are trained to help anxious patients feel relaxed and in a safe space will attending their appointments.

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