If losing weight was an easy task, then the more than two billion people around the world would not be overweight today. Like you probably already know, gaining weight is an easy process that just requires you to maintain a poor eating habit. You see, it is very easy to keep eating whatever your heart desires, without giving a damn thought of the damage that such food is good to cause you. That is how easy gaining weight is. Losing weight on the hand is a hard process that requires a lot of determination, effort and sacrifice. Why gain weight and later struggle trying to control it? Below are some of the lifestyle habits that will make you fat:

Regular Soda Intake

Almost everyone is guilty of this! We all love sweet things and so we go on buying sweet soda on regular basis. However, research has shown that drinking too much soda leads to a number of chronic diseases e.g. heart diseases, metabolic abnormalities and even obesity. According to research, soda has several artificial sweeteners which are detrimental to your body and health. To avoid obesity, we encourage you to stay away or limit your soda intake.

Eating Too Fast

Are you that person who only takes a maximum of five minutes to finish your food? Well, research has shown that eating too quickly can be dangerous to your health and can lead to obesity. When you eat fast, you end up taking more food than your body really needs. The excess food is then stored as fats leading to weight gain. To regulate your food intake, we encourage you to use distractors such as music or television when eating. Fast eating is also responsible for a number of digestive problems such as insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and poor digestion.

Failing to Take Enough Water

You should always take a minimum of eight to twelve glasses of water. However, most people fail to follow this golden rule and end up taking less or no water. How is water intake connected to weight gain? Research has shown that lack of sufficient water in our bodies encourages fat deposits in our bodies. The accumulation of these fats leads to food gain and obesity. Taking enough water on a regular basis allows your body to get rid of toxins, accumulated fats and also improve your skin health.

Skipping Breakfast

Most people trying to lose weight thinks that they can achieve this by skipping parts of their meals such as breakfast. However, research has shown that skipping your breakfast can really contribute to you gaining more weights rather than losing. After long hours of sleeping, your body wakes up with a high demand for an energy boost. It is therefore critical that you take a heavy breakfast to allow your body to function properly. You can then take a light meal during the night as you are going to sleep after all.

Which poor eating habit from above are you guilty of? Answer yourself that question and works towards eliminating that habit.


Top 4 Eating Lifestyle Habits That Will Make You Fat