The benefits of entrepreneurship and self-employment are many. Have you ever imagined a case where you are your own boss? Where you only answered to yourself? Well, that is the beauty of self-employment. Apart from creating money for you, the benefits of self-employment are many as explained below:

Job security

Nothing is as disheartening as to wake up one day to the sad news of losing your job, either due to firing or any other uncertainties in the company that you work for. We all need to be secure in our jobs as this will enable us to settle down and even put on more efforts to ensure that we remain more productive. Self-employment offers you a job security as you don’t fear that someone will wake up one day and decide to fire you. It is your business and so you make the rules!


If you are working for someone, you know how hard it is for you to create time for your other commitments such as family and self-actualisation. However, with your own business, you decide when to work, how to work and where to work from. You are under no one’s instructions and so you can do whatever you want at any given time. You decide when to go on vacation, when to be with your family and when to be in your office.


History has shown that only a very small number of people have become wealthy as a result of employment. Most of the world richest people today are entrepreneurs and business people. When you have your own firm, you gain maximum profits and it is not like employment where you are under someone’s mercies. Humans are also known to work harder when they know that they are the beneficiaries of their work. This means that you are likely to be more productive on your own firm than in anyone else’s firm.


The other beauty of self-employment is the freedom of flexibility that it offers to you. As a business owner, you decide how and where to operate from. You can always adjust your method of operation to fit the current trends in the business world. Flexibility is a crucial element in any business as it allows you to operate from your comfort zone.

Job creation

There is no great satisfaction that comes with self-employment than being able to influence the lives of other people through job creation. When you become an entrepreneur, you open a door for many other people who will depend on your business for jobs. This means that you will retire a satisfied and happy man as opposed to retiring as an employee with no much legacy to leave behind.

If you are planning to start a business today, we encourage you to start by identifying a business gap in the market, then acquire all the necessary resources to start and run your business. Make sure that you hire the right personnel for the job.

Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business Now